How to Clean Plated Jewelry At Home?

It’s sure for plated jewelry to get dirty or at least lose its coveted color and shine. After days of exposure to dirt and moisture from our lotions or environment, Silver- and gold-plated objects appear dull. Giving them a thorough cleaning on occasion is required because of this. Although cleaning jewelry may seem time-consuming, it is straightforward and doesn’t call for any brand-new or pricey supplies. Cleaning jewelry is simple and doesn’t require any new and expensive materials. Probably you already own everything you need to get back your piece’s color and shine. We will see how to clean silver and gold plated jewelry in just a few no-fuss steps.


Gold Plated Jewelry


  1. Just as you do with your original gold jewelry, wipe down your gold-plated jewelry after every wear with either a cotton ball or a dry cloth.
  2. If the gold plating on your jewelry is beginning to look worn, Use a clean cloth that will remove dirt and tarnish to give the pieces their shine back. Make sure you are polishing the jewelry gently by wiping instead of scrubbing.
  3. It’s time to clean it if you see that a quick wipe-down or polish doesn’t get rid of the grime. What came first? Use mild warm water and mild soap to create a water-soap solution. Do not use antibacterial soap or strong jewelry cleaners.
  4. To remove filth and restore luster, dunk the jewelry in the solution and gently scrub it with a delicate brush.

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Silver Plated Jewelry


  1. Your silver-plated jewelry may need a little bit of retouching to get it back to its former glory. If that’s the case, use a jewelry polish cleaning cloth to remove dirt and tarnish and give the pieces their shine. Make sure you are polishing the jewelry gently by wiping instead of scrubbing.
  2. For heavily tarnished Silver plated jewelry deep clean method is perfect. Line a glass bowl with aluminum foil. Ensure that the foil’s shiny side is facing up. Salt and baking soda, one tablespoon each, go into the bowl. Ensure the dish has enough hot water to completely dunk your jewelry in the solution after the granules have dissolved. Dip your silver-plated jewelry in the solution and let it be for a few minutes. You’ll notice black and yellow flakes float away from the jewelry. This material is sulfur, by which oxidation of the Silver happened. Aluminum will attract these flakes. After some time, remove the jewelry from the bowl and rub it with a lint-free cloth. Cotton cloths should be used to dry the jewelry thoroughly after rinsing it in warm water.

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