Why Do Indian Women Wear Anklets?

Why Do Indian Women Wear Anklets? Women Wearing Anklets is not only a fashion statement but also has social significance. Anklets are used as fashionable pieces of jewelry in the West. However, it is an essential icon in India, where anklets have been worn for centuries. These are an integral part of women’s jewelry in Indian culture. It is also known as ‘Payal‘. They have great spiritual and social significance. Mostly made in silver and gold; silver is mainly preferred over gold.


  • When family members sit together and hear the sound of anklets, they will know a woman is coming and welcome her with respect.

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  • Unmarried girls frequently wear anklets in India. When walking, anklets with tiny bells that generate a unique noise are occasionally worn by single ladies to bring attention to their legs and feet.

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  • Anklets are considered traditional and an auspicious gift for the new bride in India. Heavily carved Payal, or Payals embellished with exquisite meenakari (coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals ), are an all-time favorite gift for the newlyweds. Usually, the new bride announces her arrival in her husband’s house with the tinkling sound of anklets. Sometimes the bride will even put rings on her toes called toe-rings to represent her marriage.

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  • Usually, Hindu women prefer to wear payals made of silver. That is because Indians believe gold to be the metal of the gods and is therefore sacred. Wearing gold on the lowest part of the body is considered ill-omen and disrespectful- unless it’s for a holy gathering, where the feet don’t touch anything dirty. 

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  • According to Hindu beliefs wearing a Payal, one’s energy is not wasted but re-vibrated back to one’s body. Precious metals are to prevent the release of this energy and insulate the person from unhealthy environments. That is the scientific reason for wearing anklets.

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